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Hi, I’m Jonathan, an ADHD coach who helps people embrace their unique traits and create a life that works with, not against, their creative ways of thinking.



Many people with ADHD are frustrated and confused by the seemingly invisible barriers. You have talent, vision, and drive, and yet often feel like you are spinning your tires or just putting out fires. You excel in certain areas of your work or life but might struggle immensely in others - it just doesn't make sense.

ADHD coaching can help you develop an understanding of how your unique brain works, the tools and systems that can help you, and how to embrace your strengths and talents. My coaching helps people do things ‘their’ way, with the ultimate goal of living healthier, happier, more authentic lives.

One on One
Coaching For Adults

Young Woman Making Notes

Many people come to coaching after facing new challenges: changing careers, relationship struggles, or pursuing education can all shine the spotlight on challenges created by ADHD.

There’s no need to go it alone. Whether you’re successful but always stressed, or struggling to reach your potential in any area of life, coaching can help.

One on One
Coaching For Teens

Happy Student

I work with adolescents to help them develop strategies and tools tailored to their own way of thinking.

Many teenagers, especially those with ADHD, struggle as the executive function skills required for organizing, planning, and general life skills are somehow missed.

My coaching helps my clients regain their confidence and create more ownership over their day-to-day lives.

Coaching with Jon enabled me to source self-compassion during a difficult period in graduate studies. Through gainful insight and consistency, I experienced a noticeable improvement in routines and structure that empowered me to become effective and productive!

 Kerstyn Lane      MA candidate - Sociology, Concordia University


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