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Sometimes you need unconditional, compassionate support in your corner.


I work with creative, intuitive, driven people who know they have more potential but are scattered

Coaching provides a container to help you identify what you want to change and helps you accomplish it using strategies and systems that actually work for you. Your intelligence and innate ability don't dictate your success; your habits, ability to self-manage, and environment do.

If you want to work with, not against, your brain and unique ways of thinking then you're in the right place.


 ADHD Coaching for Work, Business, and Home Life

Does work look like:

  • a constant struggle with deadlines

  • there's often work brought home

  • difficulty prioritizing

  • difficulty planning and organizing

  • not enough time in your 'zone of genius'

  • missing out on opportunities.

Does life feel like:

  • there are too many projects

  • you're always putting out fires

  • there's not enough time for the things you want to be doing

  • the world isn't designed for how you think

  • there should be easier ways of doing things

Do you want:

  • to leverage your strengths

  • to use ADHD-friendly strategies

  • routines and habits that work for you

  • to feel more control of your day-to-day life

ADHD can create real barriers for you in your career and home life. It can also be an asset for many people who can leverage their unique ways of thinking. Many people with ADHD are very successful in the right circumstances and environment but struggle in the wrong ones. 


I believe that thriving with ADHD involves understanding how to navigate life in ADHD-friendly ways. Coaching can help you develop systems and strategies that make it easier to tackle challenges at work and at home, and you’ll also gain a better understanding of how to create a life with fewer barriers. Many of the problems (not all) come from trying to do things in a way that doesn’t fit with how our brains are wired, so we keep trying harder until we burn out and hit a wall. 


Coaching is here to help you learn what enables you to thrive so that you can make use of the potential that you know you have. It can help you identify and leverage your strengths so that you are working in your zone of genius more often. It will also help you develop strategies to improve organization, time management, life and work management, impulsivity and concentration.

Want to work together?  Schedule a complimentary call below.

Rory Beaupre

"Each session is dynamic, challenging, and impactful. Jon's coaching has helped me clear my mind, think strategically about my businesses and strengthened my professional and personal relationships.

Kerstyn Lane

"My discovery of Jon's coaching service levelled up my approach to my graduate studies and life more generally. After working with Jon I found more joy and pleasure in the day-to-day since I could better appreciate how ADHD is a strength for me and for the things I like to do. Coaching is a great avenue for the highly-sensitive, under-confident and over-achieving folks who are learning to navigate their neuro-divergence in this complicated world."

Keenan Mittag-Degala

"Jon always helps me find tangible approaches to my goals; be they in day-to-day activities, my career, or any other forms of personal development. He's an attentive and patient listener who never fails to engage with my ideas earnestly and has a knack for building upon them and/or offering a totally fresh perspective therein. If you could use a hand in sorting out any part of your life that seems overly complicated, then I highly recommend working with Jon!"
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